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Hey everybody,

I've been reading the message boards and I really appreciate how supportive everyone has been. It's difficult for me to personally answer each question because of my busy schedule on post-production for Xmen. When I get some free time, I'll try and answer as many questions as I can.

Just know that I'm working hard to make all the fans happy.

As soon as I finish Xmen, I start pre-production on Rush Hour 3. Keep checking the site for updates on whats going on with me and my projects.

Thanks again for all your support!

-Brett Ratner


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Hey Brett,


We understand, please don't feel pressured with having to respond to us, we know that if and when you get time you will. We appreciate the hard work that you have been putting in over the past however many months to really give us a movie that is going to blow us away. With just over a month to go I am really psyched and I am sure you guys are putting in extra time to make sure that it is finished by it's deadline. Everything I have seen so far has really surpassed all of my expectations!


Take care and I hope you get a few moments to stop and breath!




PS. Thanks for taking the time to pass on a message.

Visit for the latest X-News!

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Thank you for writing here to us .


We understand . I really looking forward to X-Men Last Stand and Rush Hour 3 I have been waiting for very long.


I hope you take care good care of yourself during work and don't forget to live.


Have a nice Weekend I say to you Mr. Ratner and admin and of course to ALL of you fans from "little me"


PS: My personal site about Brett is soon out again , but smaller this time, just a small fan-site with little bit of wallpaper work and stuff DS


Take Care



If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

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Sweet avatar.

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Mr. Ratner,

                  We know that you'll do an awesome job on X3. I can't wait to see it and when it comes out I am going to cry. The trailers look awesome. Don't worry about answering question. We know you'll answer them as soon as you get a chance. No pressure. 



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Hey Brett,


I just want to say keep up the good job on X3!  So far the TV Spots look amazing and I'm sure your just as excited as us about this film.  Thanks for keeping us updated. 





PS>  I have to add that I'm looking forward to Rush Hour 3 and also thanks for making The Family Man, that's one of my favorite films to watch during the holidays! 

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  Wonderful Job! No doubt! We are definitely pleased over the Danger Room..this was a great part of the X-Men that was left out. Adding so many new characters is making anticipation so great for me. I can't wait to see Callisto and Multiple Man, among others. It is apparent why you were chosen to direct this!

  If there is another one that doesn't center around Wolverine (his spinoff movie) please bring in Gambit! It was so disheartening not to see him when he is such a fan favorite. Thanks! My biggest critique over X1 & X2 is that they missed out on that "team" spirit of fighting. You know in the comics and animated series, you would have Jean about to be smashed by a car from behind when Rogue flies in and knocks it out of the way, keeping her from getting hit. -or like- Cyclops gets knocked down and about to be killed when Nightcrawler pops in and gets him out. It is that type of group dynamics that is missed-where they have to save each others behind in battle!! I think this is all changed in X3! Yah!

  Last thing...hire me! I can learn to do anything and have no movie set experience at all. I will clean trailers and bring coffee if i just get to sit quietly and watch ANYTHING unfold. For us lifelong X-fans, it is a dream come true to just be close to something so special and important to us!

  Great Job again, Brett...I sincerely hope you get  to be director in the coming years on any new X-Projexs.

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